"Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world."
Nelson Mandela

The magic of the encounter, the care of the relationship, the power of the convivium that bring out the intrinsic values of Mediterranean Living.

Mediterranean to Fish - Mediterranean to Know - Mediterranean to Guard

Medi-terraneo, "sea among the lands", Mare Nostrum. The blue sea that bathes the coasts of the Cilento is a real hotspot of biodiversity, which hosts 18% of the global diversity of marine species, and jealously guards the traces of ancient trade routes between the peoples who inhabited its coasts.

However, climate change, global warming and contamination from plastics and other materials threaten the exceptional ecological network it hosts. Moreover, in the globalized and "obscure" world of fishing and the blue protein trade, the livelihoods of small coastal fishermen are also being questioned. Their role must be reassessed so that they can return to being guardians of the natural marine heritage and vital witnesses of maritime traditions and cultures focused on the sustainable management of marine resources.

Too often marine protected areas are considered areas of denial and deprivation: particularly vulnerable or damaged areas, areas where it is not possible to fish or transit.
Instead, these areas could turn into incredible opportunities: Experimental Marine Areas, where the role of fishermen becomes strategic again. Fishermen guardians, active protagonists of the protection of critical habitats and marine biodiversity, collecting fundamental data for research and allowing the sea time to regenerate.

The experimental program aims to involve passionate students, fishermen, scientists and researchers, startups who care about marine ecosystems, entrepreneurs and policy makers, with the objective to elaborate a bill for the constitution and the management of an Experimental Marine Area.