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EIT Food Journalism Award Food Innovation and Sustainability: Award Ceremony

Princes Capano Castle

In a public sphere in which the issues of food, innovation, and sustainability are more and more closely related and from the commitment of those in the press, radio, TV, and internet continue to tell this change by helping to fuel it, was born from EIT Food the Italian Journalism Award on Food Innovation and [...]

Inauguration of the Mediterranean Food Lab

Princes Capano Castle

The official inauguration of the Mediterranean Food Lab, the new research and innovation laboratory based on traditional ecological knowledge of the Mediterranean takes place on 16 November 2021. Traditional knowledge contains a priceless heritage of knowledge and reading of the environment for sustainable management, which has survived millennia of development and has been strengthened by [...]

Food & Climate Shaper Digital Boot Camp

The advanced learning program designed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations  and the Future Food Institute , includes hands-on experiences supported by a series of e-learning courses, made to transfer knowledge, skills, and competencies to strengthen the capacities of the food system professionals of today and tomorrow.