Building the Pollica of the future.


Due to greater services, for comfort, for work, or for school, families have begun to move to large cities and some municipalities are at risk of disappearing. A phenomenon that affects not only Italy but also threatens biodiversity and causes degradation of cultural and environmental heritage of inestimable value.

The Paideia Campus works within the community to build the Pollica of the future

  • Creating employment and prosperity by promoting the development of new entrepreneurship capable of enhancing the knowledge and values ​​of the territory
  • Deseasonalizing tourist flows
  • Promoting Smart Living to combat the depopulation of villages with digital infrastructures and services (fiber, electric mobility, energy efficiency, circular living …)
  • Combating educational poverty and social marginalization and prevent early school leaving

Partnerships for the Goals

The Paideia Campus collaborates and co-creates opportunities through a network of like-minded partners all working towards the regeneration of this area. 


Research and experimentation within a program of social cohesion, which will be realized through the establishment of a Community Cooperative,  created to regenerate the social fabric, a prerequisite for a solid and coherent community development.  The cumulative transformative impact is measured through the 3D Impact Tool, developed by Tim Strasser at Maastricht University, and will focus on 3 dimensions:

  • WIDTH – wide-spread and coherent influence: to which geographical extent was the impact generated
  • LENGTH – persistent and evolving reproduction: for how long was such impact generated and maintained
  • DEPTH – structural and cultural embeddedness: how deep did such change penetrated in the social and cultural structure


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