Drawing on both centuries old practices and the latest innovations, the Paideia Campus School is a one of a kind educational center reorienting mindsets around the concepts of integral ecology, regeneration, and prosperity thinking.


The challenges the world is facing need new ways of thinking and new approaches that restore the balance between humanity and nature. Our academic programs are application-based, grounded in science, and have an eye towards solutions.


High Skills

A join path between universities and the National Research Council to enhance the connections between training, research, and technology transfer by participating with high-level training and research, as a tool to build new knowledge and skills necessary to meet the challenges of change and useful for a qualified job placement in the sectors involved.

Summer School & International Programs

The Food & Climate Shapers Boot Camp is a training programs created by the FFI and FAO to train operators of the agri-food chain to face and mitigate the climate crisis through the regeneration of agri-food systems.

Over 200 participants have already trained since 2020 from over 50 different countries.

Trame Mediterranee

An immersive, intensive, and experimental program, promoted by Future Food Institute in partnership with the Municipality of Pollica and Centro Studi Dieta Mediterranea Angelo Vassallo, to connect with the ambassadors of the Mediterranean Diet - the ones who take care of natural and cultural heritage through their daily work.

Educational Journeys

The intensive experiential programs for students of Italian secondary schools, which leads them to discover and experience firsthand the values and the custodians of the Mediterranean Diet. 

Our school programs are both developed and delivered independently by Future Food, and co-created with partners and organizations looking to instill more sustainable and solution focused mindsets in their stakeholders.

Interested in learning more?

If you or your organization is committed to the values ​​of integral ecology and regeneration and would like to implement a customized program, please contact us to discuss.


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