It is here where you can learn a new type of sociality and live the concept of integral ecology, a fundamental approach to face the transition necessary to achieve the Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

Benvenuti al Paideia Campus

Paideia Campus, the Future Food project for the Pollica of the future, its community, and everyone. This international experimental center is an innovative project for a sociality inspired by integral ecology and the enhancement of natural heritage linked to the Mediterranean ecosystem. 

Pollica, the Capital of the Mediterranean Diet, located in the center of the sea basin “in the middle of the lands” is an ideal place and concrete example, as a tòpos (τόπος) to refer to when talking about ecology and a new ” meridian thought, “as a model to be replicated everywhere for a true and possible prosperity, good for us and right for the planet.

We choose to start from the cradle of the Mediterranean Diet not by chance. This is the place where a way of being in the world was first conceived as capable of combining human health and environmental protection; protection of gastronomic pleasure and defense of biodiversity; pride in one’s identity and awareness of being children of hybridization and of the continuous exchange between cultures; love for the sea and roots strongly planted in the earth.

Diet, therefore, is understood as a “lifestyle” in which food, real food, is undoubtedly the protagonist, but not only in its nutritional and health functions, but also in its immense power to shape the quality of human life in its entirety, of its interactions, and the planet it hosts.


Contaminazione di idee ed energie.


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