World Biodiversity Forum 2022

World Biodiversity Forum 2022

Nature has always taught us that prosperity and survival are the result of a dense web of connections and relationships.

Without nature, we could not have food, without food we could not have conviviality, without conviviality identity, without identity we would not have traditions.

Since ancient Greece, the word Paideia means exactly this: integral education of man in relation to the environment that surrounds him. Starting from Pollica and the Mediterranean Diet, with the Paideia Campus the Future Food Institute wants to teach people to see these directions. How?

Through a true open-air laboratory that is able to see and preserve the terrestrial, marine and landscape biodiversity that the Mediterranean basin offers, so imbued with the knowledge, wisdom and know-how of a local community that shows the world the value of diversity and cultural beauty.

Paideia then is history and science, innovation and tradition, ecology and biodiversity, conviviality and culture, it is a model of integral ecological regeneration.

For this reason Pollica on May 22, 2022, on the occasion of the World Biodiversity Day, will host the first European Summit on Integral Ecological Regeneration.

Starting from the promise of commitment that Future Food has made for diversity, by nominating the Paideia Campus for Biodiversity, we are proud to share another crucial milestone: between June 26th and July 1st 2022 Future Food will be in Davos, guests of the World Biodiversity Forum 2022.

For this important occasion, we wanted to nominate the Mediterranean Diet and its potential to enhance biodiversity as a specific thematic session: under the title “Mediterranean woven tales to enliven natural and cultural biodiversity”, we aim to bring out the complexity that lies behind a completely sustainable and regenerative Diet-Lifestyle, but also enhance the inter-relationships that are formed between the various elements and actors of the ecosystem, forming plots precisely multidisciplinary and bio-diverse.

There is time until November 20, 2021 to send your abstract in English and enter our thematic session.

More details and information are available here.