Coder Dojo 2023

Coder Dojo returns to the Castle every month until summer!

Will be afternoons dedicated to learning the language of the Coding and fun!

Did you know that.. Coding means programming and learning to talk to computers in their native language.
Digital programming and creation are invaluable skills nowadays and computers are an increasingly important part of life. Understanding how computers work and the best ways to interact with them will open up many opportunities!

What happens in a Dojo?
In a Dojo you can do a lot of interesting things! In addition to programming, you could design video games or websites, create great graphics, or even create and edit movies and music! Basically, everything about computers in any way! In addition, you will work with other Dojo participants, presenting interesting projects at your Dojo or at a public event, and once you know what you are doing, you can start helping other participants!

More about the history of Coder Dojo.

Coder Dojo is always from 16.00 to 18.00 - from +7 years, accompanied by a parent

To participate you must register by filling in the form by the Friday before the event
Free admission, we require registration to better prepare spaces and activities.
For more info: +39 333 340 8928
We are waiting!

Discover the Paideia Campus Coder Dojo on the official platform.

Calendar of meetings 2023:

  • Saturday January 21
  • Saturday February 25
  • April TDB
  • Saturday Mat 13