Futuro Mediterraneo

The municipality of Pollica and the Future Food Institute, in collaboration with IL GUSTO of Repubblica, La Feltrinelli, IgersItalia and Full Heads Records present the project of cultural regeneration and innovation “FUTURO MEDITERRANEO” CRITICAL THINKING CULTURE SCIENCE ART INNOVATION ECOLOGY CONVIVIO aimed at young people and schools of Cilento.

An experimental laboratory that starts from the schools of Cilento, where to nurture passions, stimulate cultural contamination, acquire skills, give shape to ideas and confront the world, to awaken the infinite dormant resources that make the Mediterranean Diet Lands an invaluable heritage and build tomorrow together.

On the occasion of the Italian Presidency of the Network of Emblematic Community UNESCO of the Mediterranean Diet and downstream of the international event hosted at United Nations to New York presented to the world the Intangible Heritage "Mediterranean Diet" as a model of concrete sustainable development for the achievement of the objectives of the 2030 agenda was born the project“FUTURO MEDITERRANEO”.

A project that was born in the heart of the Cilento, cradle of a cultural and environmental heritage unique in the world, for young people, today protagonists of an era of profound transitions and citizens of the future, that wants to create development opportunities for the territory starting from culture, international experiences, innovation, entrepreneurship and the formation of new skills.

A project is based on the values of heritage "Mediterranean Diet" as a way of life but represents a real model of healthy and sustainable territorial development, which aims to create awareness in young people and in the sector, emphasising the many actors in the scientific, institutional and private world who have been working for years to protect and enhance it, embracing every aspect of the cultural dimension, historical and artistic value of the supply chains that through virtuous agricultural practices and the protection of biodiversity

The event "FUTURO MEDITERRANEO" will be a first opportunity for discussion and presentation of the many initiatives that thanks to the project partners will be proposed to schools and children of Cilento for the year 2023.

By way of example we mention some:

  • voices of the Mediterranean in collaboration with IL GUSTO (the new multimedia hub that brings together under one roof the entire food and wine production of the Gedi group, from Repubblica to Stampa, from the 19th century to local newspapers) a programme for secondary school pupils, with the aim of strengthen communication skills and introduce young people to the world of journalism and above all bring the voices that represent the “FUTURO MEDITERRANEO” on the heads of the group. I best works will be published in the "special edition" that will be published in the issue of IL GUSTO of March, entirely dedicated to the model of sustainable development dictated by the lifestyle "Mediterranean Diet".
  • live mediterranean photo challenge in collaboration with IGERSITALIA and the Digital Academy by Pollica because the narration of the territory today also passes through new media and visual communication, with particular reference to digital photography, mobile photography and, more generally, the production of multimedia content. The best shots will be the subject of a traveling exhibition that will represent the values of Mediterranean living in an international tour at some Italian Cultural Institutes and Embassies abroad.
  • trame mediterranee PCTO and summer school - a path of alternation school work innovative, hybrid (digital workshops and immersive experiences in the field) able to train new skills and acquire the necessary tools to identify value the dormant resources of the territory, with the aim of creating awareness and offering young people experiences capable of inspiring their future choices of study and work. A path that in the medium-long term will be able to create development and shared prosperity for the territory.
  • hackathon and design challenge to give life to innovative business ideas teamwork, systemic thinking development, an experience to foster the exchange of ideas and the approach to co-design enriching all the people involved, so that the new generations have the tools to develop a lifestyle characterized by a healthy diet, dictated by the Mediterranean Diet, and motor and sports activities. 

Among the winners of these paths will be selected the boys who will make up the delegation representing the Emblematic Community of the Italian Mediterranean Diet in the next international mission in the United States.

Learn more about the project and participate on the website www.futuromediterraneo.org