The Paideia Digital Academy is born in Pollica to support human education also through digital

In a world V.U.C.A. (acronym used to describe a period characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) The need to redesign training tools to respond to the peculiarities of the current context and enable young people to understand, even before translating, the different interconnections to become ready protagonists of change. Literacy today no longer means teaching only reading to write, but training everyone to think systemically having at heart the

A change that cannot be separated from an inevitable return to contact with the earth and nature, the first true teacher of life, to a rediscovery of our roots, those historical, cultural, landscapes that denote the deep material and intangible heritage that we have inherited and that must be valued and protected by all available means, including the digital that distinguishes this society 5.0, which transcends the boundaries of industrialization and also repositions technology at the service of all humanity.

Thus, the learning classrooms can extend their walls, to get to embrace archaeological parks and museums, pine forests and forests, marine areas and traditional ecological knowledge, craftsmanship and knowledge before they are forgotten. The Italian villages, treasure chests of biodiversity and places of privileged access to the natural and ecological heritage, can thus transform themselves from marginal and increasingly abandoned places into places of learning, (re)discovery, experience, innovation.

It is precisely by starting from these needs that we Pollicasymbol of the most authentic Mediterranean values, a Digital Academy to Paideia Campuswhere "human formation" opens the door to digital culture with the "creative learning" and the "tinkering"as a form of informal learning in which you learn by doing.

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